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Peaceful, remote Heath Row had just about the best farming soil in the country. At night the carts trundled six hours east carrying fruit and veg to Covent Garden and returned full of the city’s night soil to empty onto the orchards. Life ticked over slowly in the sleepy Middlesex Parish of Harmondsworth. Until the Vicar sold his farm land and they built an airport on it. We tell the story of the ancient villages of Heath Row and what has and may yet become of them.

We begin at 10.30am at the Windsor Farm Shop with time to buy morning refreshments. One of the biggest questions facing London, and some might say UK PLC, in recent years has been Should Heathrow have a third runway? We aren’t going to argue in favour of one side over the other but instead show you the lie of the land. We begin by driving on back roads via Runnymede the short distance to the airport to see where the runway might be built before touring the ancient villages of Heathrow which have experienced different impacts over the years. We sample the many faces of this unique area as one minute massive jets skim the sky above us at rooftop level and the next we’re listening for birdsong in a little snippet of rural idyll just off the Old Bath Road. It’s fascinating.

We arrive for lunch in the rather shockingly rural English village of Harmondsworth, just half a mile from the duty free temples of Heathrow. Part of the village may disappear with the proposed Third Runway project. Right now it’s very peaceful as it’s not on the flight path. Instead we find a picture postcard village - an old pub on the village green opposite a Domesday church where Morris Men dance each Summer. It’s so unexpected you could easily believe that it has been moved here brick by brick as a Little England theme park for visitors who don’t have time to stray far from the airport. A two course buffet lunch is included in your tour fee.

After lunch we visit Harmondsworth Barn, one of the our greatest mediaeval buildings, built 600 years ago by the same skilled carpenters who built worked on our mediaeval cathedrals. We’ll also visit the church and seek out the grave of Richard Cox the Orange Pippins man before one last cuppa (included) at the pub after which we head for home at 4.30pm.

Adults & Seniors: £32


Buffet Lunch

Tea & Biscuits

Top Notch Blue Badge guide

Harmondsworth Barn donation

Available weekdays from

April to October

Jam Buster Option starts with

lunch in Harmondsworth, followed

by the barn, the coach tour and

time to buy tea at the Windsor

Farm Shop and a wander at

Runnymede to see the thrones

before heading home at 6.30pm

on quieter roads.

Price Valid to 31 March 2020

10 miles