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A Story of Biscuits & the Bayeux Tapestry! Reading Abbey ruins have reopened after 9 years and a multi-million pound programme of restoration. We also discover some of the town's treasures including Britain's full-size copy of the Bayeux Tapestry.

We'll meet our Blue Badge Guide at 10.30am to buy coffee before exploring the Abbey Quarter - the grounds of the once magnificent Reading Abbey founded by William the Conqueror's son Henry I.

In a beautiful Victorian Park an impressively vast lion reminds us of the first Afghan Wars and just outside the gate Reading's Victoria Cross hero is commemorated by a most unusual sculpture. We'll take a stroll along Oscar Wilde's Chestnut Walk, beneath shady trees between the River Kennet and the old walls of Reading Gaol.

After free time to buy lunch we board an old Edwardian boat for our two and a quarter hour cruise from Reading downriver to Henley, Queen of the Thames. Along the way are breathtaking views as we pass through beautiful Sonning. In 'Three Men in a Boat', Jerome K Jerome described Sonning as 'the most fairy-like little nook on the whole river'. Thirteenthcentury houses still dot Sonning's windy streets, indicating remnants of it's past mediaeval roots.

There's a bar on board that also sells hot drinks. The cruise finishes in Henley where our coach will be waiting to head home at 5.30pm.

Adults & Seniors: £29

Available weekdays

excluding school holidays

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

15 miles