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Kings, queens, statesmen and soldiers. Poets, priests, heroes and villains. Westminster Abbey has been the coronation church since 1066, has seen the weddings of sixteen Kings & Queens, is the final resting place of seventeen monarchs and contains memorials to some of our greatest citizens.

Groups can only visit the Abbey with a Blue Badge Guide so make it a top notch City & Village Tours Blue Badge guide. Arrive at 10.30am for time to buy morning refreshments. To do full justice to the Abbey we’ll split your group in half - each for a morning and afternoon activity: an in depth Blue Badge guided tour of Westminster Abbey and a period of free time to explore the Supreme Court and Parliament’s Parish Church, both within eyesight of the Abbey.

Our tour shows how the mediae val architects created a theatre for coronations and shows you some of the Abbeys most curious secrets. You’ll also see the Shrine of Edward the Confessor and the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. In the Henry VII Chapel beneath a sublimely beautiful fan vaulted ceiling, the banners of the Knights and Dames Grand Cross of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath hang. We visit Poets Corner and see where the ashes of Professor Stephen Hawking were interred next to Sir Isaac Newton.

You’ll have time to visit St Margaret’s Westminster which is the Parish Church of Parliament and the Supreme Court - the highest court in the land set up to replace the Law Lords. You could even visit Parliament and lobby your MP! You certainly aren’t going to be short of things to do. There’s time at the end of the afternoon to gather together to buy refreshments before making tracks for home at 4.30pm.

Jam Buster for Max 30 people

Meet the Guide at midday for time to buy lunch in Parliament Square. Take the full tour of W estminster Abbey as described and then sit back to enjoy a really entertaining coach tour that places names from the Abbey into their locations in London. Next, after time for a light bite, instead of joining the rush hour we take a seat at 5.00pm to see the Abbey at work with Choral Evensong. You’ll head for home at 6.15pm.

This option Mon, Tues & Thurs only.

Adults: £41 Seniors: £37

Available Mon to Fri all year

Jam Buster Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri

The Abbey can be very busy so we would always recommend coming out of main tourist season and school holidays if possible but whenever you

come you will not have to queue to get in.

Now including the Vox

Wireless Tour Guide System with special ear pieces for people who use hearing aids.

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

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