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Charles Dickens didn't exactly invent Christmas but he did create an idea of a London Christmas that has been exported around the world. It's a picture of foggy streets and hearty feasts with the rich man at his table and the poor man with his nose pressed to the frosted glass. We show both sides of the coin through the foods people ate and the shops and markets they visited to buy them.

We'll begin with morning coffee included at 10.30am by the beautiful old Leadenhall Market.

This Victorian market shares the brightly coloured decorative wrought iron of the railway stations of the period and has featured in the Harry Potter movies. It was where Londoners bought their game, especially at Christmas time.

By coach we'll tour the London of the ordinary man - a world of jellied eels and pie & mash to barrels of oysters and whitebait from the Thames. For lunch to Clerkenwell and some of the best fish & chips in London. The meal comes with mushy peas and a hot drink with desserts available for purchase by desire on the day.

Then we go up market with visits to Mayfair and the 'dilly. We'll walk through the opulent Burlington Arcade where Beadles clad in top hat and tails are still employed to chase off any Artful Dodgers and visit the Fortnum & Mason Food Hall where impeccable young men in red tail coats stack the shelves.

Day trippers head home at 4.45pm.

Jam Busters start at midday with time to buy a light lunch, enjoy the full, unabridged tour and break to buy a cuppa before a Lights & Sights coach tour and the fish & chip supper, heading home at 6.30pm. Weekdays Nov and Dec.

Adults & Seniors: £29

Available weekdays

Nov & Dec

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

10 miles