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London is the most haunted city in the world. Once called the "City of Gallows" visitors had to pass a hanged man at every gate. We seek out ghosts, gangsters & the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Expect goosebumps and giggles.

Meet the Blue Badge Guide on Whitehall at 10.30am for morning coffee (included). We slip into St James's Park to begin a morning on foot telling the story of crimes and punishments, ghosts and spies. In Parliament Square we discover the best way to preserve a head on a spike and learn the dreadful fate of the man who tried to rob the Abbey treasury. We break to buy lunch in Parliament Square.

In the afternoon by coach through the Old Square Mile via Sweeney Todd's Fleet Street to the East End of the Kray Twins. In Victorian times life was cheap here and murder not uncommon. But one murderer has left an indelible mark on our national conscience - neither caught nor identified but known the world over as Jack the Ripper.

The Ripper murders coincided with the rise of the "penny dreadful" and magazines like Tit-Bits, designed to offer snippets of news to the newly literate poor. Nothing is new - bad news sold newspapers! We'll stop to buy tea in Spitalfields or you could opt for a pint of ale or a large gin at the Ten Bells where the Ripper victims drank.

You'll be ready to head home at 4.15pm.

Adults & Seniors: £25

Available Mon-Fri all year

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

10 miles