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Founded in 1988 the creative & original itineraries begin at City & Village Tours. Over the past three decades we have built a solid and consistent reputation for top quality and efficiently organised days out for British groups and coach and tour operators. We’ve created the template for a whole new way of working with groups to deliver day trips and we are now bringing fresh ideas to the short breaks market.

It may not have failed to come to your attention that we have been somewhat inspirational for a number of other companies. So why don’t we plaster the print media with thousands of pounds worth of advertising or flood your inbox with endless look-at-me-me-mes?

When we began three decades ago there were few magazines for group organisers. There was no internet. Actually there was no computers! Everything was typed or (cover the ears of any youngsters listening) hand written! We started small, very small – one woman on a pushbike that would go into the back of the coach for the day and slowly but surely we grew by word of mouth. We took groups to see the developing London Docklands before Canary Wharf was built. We pioneered group tours of Legal London and, as the name suggests, we ventured out into rural parts to put together entertaining and erudite days exploring the beautiful villages of England. Groups joined us to navigate our way around the Millennium Dome and were among the first to take flight on the London Eye, the Thames Cable Car and now the Brighton i360. Our top notch Blue Badge Guides took an incredible 100,000 people to see how East London was shaping up to host the London 2012 Olympic Games.

We developed new itineraries when organisers had worked their way through everything we had on offer. And we’re still beavering away to bring you new ideas and new solutions to the challenges groups face with ageing memberships or with the increasing traffic.

Genuine innovation. The creative & original itineraries and ideas start with City & Village Tours.

Today, thirty years later there are other companies offering similar (sometimes oh so very similar!) days out so why should you book with City & Village Tours?

Read On To Find Out Why Your Group Deserve City & Village Tours and Why There’s No Need to Settle for Less than the Best.

The Art of the Recce

We don’t just take our ideas from another company’s brochure – every single one of our itineraries is developed in house. The creative & original ideas begin at City & Village Tours. And when we develop a new itinerary an awful lot of work goes into it.

An Idea is Born

Every new itinerary begins with a light bulb moment. The idea comes and we toss it about a bit, getting out the books and maps to flesh out the bones. The next stage is hopping in the car for a first reccie.

Any friend or family member who has ever asked to come along on one of these reccies thinking oh that sounds like fun? They don’t come again! On a City & Village Tours new itinerary reccie you get déjà vu very quickly as we buzz back and forth along the same roads from different directions to scope the best views. And even what promised to be an enjoyable lunch out flags somewhat when you dart in and out of a dozen different pubs before finding the one that ticks the boxes and then your companions’ conversation weighs heavily towards how many ladies loos there are and the reversing angles for coaches in pub car parks. Then more bookwork and reccie number two, three, four, five and more Blue Badge guide pow-wows until we’re ready to go.

We are ready for you to go.

We have got enough experience to know what works and what doesn’t and we put the time in.

You are not the guinea pig.

Reliable Quality Control Born of Three Decades Experience

The same reliable quality control is built into all of our days out. We don’t just accept all ideas that come our way and put them out there to test out on your group. Take a look in our brochure – find a day that you think sounds a bit boring. You might struggle. We are not going to hold your folk hostage on a coach while we tell them about all the war memorials between here and Timbuktu! No way! We absolutely refuse to be boring and I guarantee that 100% of our itineraries are all our own work. We have not ever, not once in 30 years, pinched a tour from anyone else. Not once.

Creative and original itineraries start at City & Village Tours.

More To It Than Meets The Eye

On the page, fully formed, our tours look simple, easy to duplicate but there is an awful lot more to our days out than meets the eye. Because, in addition to our quality control what cannot be duplicated as easily as an idea or some words is the experience and savvy of our company. Three decades of the continuous delivery of well-crafted, creative and original itineraries to experienced group travel organisers and their discerning members. That’s three decades as a company under the same management – not five years here, ten years there and a redundancy or two. Nope. One company, one ownership since 1988 – we’ve even got some of the same customers from those early days!

You Can’t Cut & Paste Three Decades of Experience

You can replicate another company’s itineraries but its not so simple to replicate an office administration finely tuned over three decades to make sure that everything on your day out runs like clockwork. It isn’t possible to just magic up genuine expertise at the end of the telephone for you to tap into. (You are very welcome to test this by the way, call us anytime and ask for our advice, which we will give freely and without obligation).

Probably the best team of Blue Badge Guides in the UK

Why settle for flowers from the garage when you can have a bouquet from the florist?

And you can’t put together a multi award winning team of Blue Badge Guides overnight. Sarah, Owen, Carol, Jeanie and Jan have been guiding with City & Village Tours for more than 25 years. Victoria, Catherine, Janet, Doug are in the 20 plus team, Sean, Jacky, Gillian, Marian, Barbara and Martin have more than 15 years and so it goes on to the 35th member of the team who joined this year. And the newer guides? The long serving trusted team members in the 20 plus club are lecturers and examiners on the Blue Badge guiding courses in the areas we work in - the South, South East, South West, East Anglia, Midlands and London. They flag up the best of the new Blue Badge Guides as soon as they qualify but we don’t start working with them until they have at least a couple of year’s experience under their belt. We don’t send you the next guide out of the rank.

Why Does it Need To Be A Blue Badge Guide?

There are companies out there who are offering cut & paste itineraries that look very much like ours but instead of a Blue Badge Guide you get a non qualified zero-hours Uber-Courier (regardless of whatever jazzy name a company might give them). They haven’t gone through the most rigorous training programme in the country followed by very some extremely demanding practical and written examinations. Blue Badge Tour Guides belong to professional bodies like the Association of Professional Tour Guides (APTG) which is a branch of the Amicus union and the Institute of Tourist Guides. They follow a professional code of conduct and offer a reliability that is second to none. In addition to our company Public Liability Insurance each Blue Badge Guide is also covered by their own liability insurance.

The Right Balance

Our team of Blue Badge Guides are the experts at looking after British groups who don’t want to feel like tourists in their own country. They really enjoy guiding the itineraries that they have created and they work together to update each other and share new information. The guide can really make or break a day out. Ours are genuinely top notch: interesting and entertaining, kind and considerate and, crucially they also know when to pipe down. They know a lot about what they are going to show you but they aren’t going to tell you everything they know! When they do speak you can hear them clearly and they are so interesting and well informed you’ll really want to listen.

They really wouldn’t dream of holding you hostage on a coach while they bore you to death with all those war memorials. They know better than that.

Why Pay the Same (and sometimes more!) But Settle For Less?

If you book an itinerary that only looks like an award winning City & Village Tours day out it might well be with a Blue Badge Guide but it most certainly won’t be with an award-winning City & Village Tours Blue Badge Guide. And who wouldn’t want an award-winning guide? And why settle for an unqualified escort or courier when you could do that job yourself just as effectively and perhaps, given the enormous experience built up by good group travel organisers, a job you could do even more effectively?

Why on earth pay for an Uber-Courier delivering a cut & paste itinerary when for the same money you can have an award winning Blue Badge Guide and a creative and original itinerary that they’ve had a hand in developing?

Why settle for flowers from the garage when you can have a bouquet from the florist?

Team Work

Our Blue Badge Guides work as a team with you as the group organiser and your coach driver to create a memorable day out that your members will talk about for a long time to come. For all the good reasons.

It is why we are the winners of the national award for Best Guided Tours twelve times in the past 12 years and twice winner of the Best Overall Group Supplier, the groups travel business equivalent of Best in Show at Crufts.

And remember these are not awards given by a magazine editor as a reward for sponsorship or advertising spend. And neither are they awards that we nominate ourselves for.

Our awards are the only type that really means anything. Awards that come from the genuine votes of group travel organisers just like you who want the very best for their groups. Votes from organisers who have booked many days out with us over the years,

Days out that their folk are still talking about for all the right reasons.

Real & Honest Innovation

Founded in 1988 City & Village Tours created the template for a whole new service and continues to create and develop new ways of enjoying day trips for group travel organisers.

From pioneering liaising with your coach companies so that your days out go like clockwork to Matinee Explorers for groups with members moving into their eighties and beyond to the 2018/2019 programme of Jam Busters to mitigate the growth in traffic City & Village Tours are always first with the new ideas that add value to British clubs, societies and coach and tour operators.

Real innovation is putting value and integrity into our relationship with our customers.

It’s not about snipping operational and development costs to put more money in our till.

City & Village Tours – the word of mouth company where the new ideas come from.

If you want to ask the experts for help with your outings programme please call us today and ask for Gyll (pronounced the same as Jill).

If you are a new organiser you can pick our brains for how to get going putting together some days out that your members will be talking about for a long time. And if you’re an old hand? We’d love to hear from you – and yes we might well pick your brains!

Call us today on 0208 692 1133

PS  How did you hear about us? Big expensive glossy advert in the Group This or Coach That? Or did someone tell you about that really good company with the excellent Blue Badge Guides?