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The history of church monuments is a fascinating story with the art of the British Isles and cultural attitudes towards death tied up in these works. From early carved grave-slabs, effigies were gradually carved in greater relief, finishing up completely in the round. With the mediaeval came the grand age of the alabaster monument. With the Renaissance we see the first wave of foreign influence on British design.

Two hundred years later gloriously grandiose Baroque monuments flourish until Neoclassicism switches the focus from Ancient Rome to Ancient Greece after the Elgin Marbles arrive in England.

Later monuments would come full circle back to the mediaeval-style recumbent effigy with the Victorian passion for Gothic. Art Nouveau and later movements influenced the monument makers but religious and social attitudes in the 20th century did not favour large showy tombs and the age of grand monuments came to an end.

Join The Monuments Man - Blue Badge Guide Robin Draper - for a study day that will bring great insight to all your future church visits. Includes morning coffee and lunch in Stafford and two country church visits.

The day runs 10.30am to 4.30pm. Ask for a full tour description.

3-day Monuments Man SleepOvers including the National Memorial Arboretum are also available.  

Adults & Seniors: £33

Available Monday-Saturday all year.

Prices valid 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Ideal for Arts Societies U3A and NT

25 miles