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Explore Nomad Cultures in the British Museum Galleries and visit the major 2017/8 Winter Exhibition - Scythians: Warriors of Ancient Siberia at the British Museum

2,500 years ago formidable nomad warriors roamed the vast open plains of Siberia. In their time they were feared, loathed and admired – but over time were forgotten… until now.

A major British Museum exhibition will shine a light on the Scythians – fierce nomadic tribes and masters of mounted warfare who ruled an empire stretching from the Black Sea across Siberia to the borders of China for 1,000 years. Of Persian descent and little known in the west they traded with the Ancient Greek World and fought with the Celts. Curator St John Simpson said:

“... we are familiar with peoples who built cities, lived in a built environment, and wrote their own histories … The Scythians had no written language and so left no accounts of themselves, and as nomadic herders they built nothing permanent except their tombs, which fortunately for us they filled with everything they owned in life.”

And because they dug their tombs deep in the Siberian permafrost the objects are immaculate with spectacular gold jewellery,tapestries and even the tattoed skin of a warrior perfectly preserved after thousands of years under the Siberian snow.

Combine the exhibition with a specialist galleries tour in the company of a top notch Blue Badge Guide telling a story of Nomadic peoples through the ages and across the globe.The British Museum is rich in beautiful objects from the Inuit and Native American cultures to the lesser known Sami and the Chuchki people - a fascinating complement to the Scythians.

City & Village Tours are well known for creative, original and intimate guided tours at the British Museum that take you away from the crowds and bring to the fore beautiful objects otherwise lost in 13 acres of galleries to complement visits to some of the best of the block buster exhibitions from the Terracotta Army and Pompeii, to the Vikings, Celts, Hadrian and most recently The Sunken Cities. Our British Museum tours are designed to be erudite and entertaining and will not walk your feet off. The Nomads day can run 10.30am to 4.00pm including time to buy morning refreshments, lunch and tea or as a Jam Buster starting with an early lunch at midday and heading home after 6.00pm.

This day trip for 25 or more people is £29pp.

Senior Citizen Special Offer Mondays £25pp (Midday to 6.00pm.)

Available Daily until 14 January 2018

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Cockney Nights & Matinees

On Board the Tereza-Joanne in the Royal Docks in London’s East End

An Evening of Cockney Entertainment

Starring Gordon Bennett - a one man Cockney entertainer - Chas & Dave meets Max Bygraves with a dash of Max Miller. Keyboard, ukulele & the Cockney spoons with sing-a-longs, comedy and dancing. A Right Old Cockney Knees Up to send your folk home with a smile.

Includes Chicken & Chips

or Goujons of Fish & Chips in a Basket

Cash Bar

Level access & moored boat

Free coach parking

A warm hearted evening with absolutely no bad language

Tuesdays throughout 2018

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