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Today we visit three iconic mediaeval marsh churches, each with a curious feature and enjoy morning coffee with biscuits and the option of a carvery lunch. We've also costed in a donation for each of the churches.

Meet at 10.30am in sleepy Lympne, near Hythe for morning coffee (inc) in the old castle stable block.

Our first visit is St Stephen's, which teeters on the edge of a grassy cliff that once formed the Saxon sea shore. The view is tremendous.

Below us the sprawl of the Romney Marsh, reclaimed from the sea.

To the East we see the bay end at Dungeness and to the West from the grassy slopes the white chalk cliffs emerge that will lead to Dover.

Next to the Church with the Bones.

There are only two ossuaries in the UK and one of them is at St Leonard's church in the Ancient Cinque Port of Hythe. The vaulted crypt is lined with the neatly displayed skulls and thigh bones of what are believed to be the townsfolk from 700 years ago. It's quite fascinating! The church itself is extraordinarily rich in monuments to young men lost in Victoria's small wars of Empire. We walk down steep but short lanes to the High Street.

You can opt to have free time and do your own thing for lunch today

- there's plenty of choice and some interesting shops on the flat and compact High Street. Alternatively you can add a group carvery lunch.

In the afternoon sit back to enjoy some Marsh scenery as we make our way to one of England's most extraordinary churches. Fairford, the village served by the lonely 13th century church of St Thomas a Beckett is long gone. Step inside this church in a sheep field (yes, really, wear stout shoes) and you are immersed in pure Georgian theatre.

Rows of tall box pews are painted bright white all overlooked by a triple-decker pulpit. The parish clerk sat at the bottom, the main service was conducted from the middle level, while a sermon "often of prodigious length" was delivered from the top.

There is a peculiar seven-sided font, but for many the most extraordinary feature is the exposed timber roof.

Really, there's nowhere else like this.

We'll stop in Appledore or at Dobbies Garden Centre in Ashford for time to buy refreshments before heading home before five.

Adults & Seniors: £28

Includes morning coffee,

a top notch Blue Badge Tour Guide and a donation for each church.

Add carvery lunch with hot drink for £10.

Come weekdays all year.

The churches are all still in use so sometimes we might have to visit an alternative church to those described here.

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

25 miles