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William Shakespeare lived and worked in London for much of his theatre career but his family were born and raised and lived and died in Warwickshire in his home town of Stratford-Upon-Avon. We visit three houses each very evocative of the life and times of this handsome market town and telling the story of Stratford's most famous son.

Meet our expert and entertaining Blue Badge Guide at 10.30am at Anne Hathaway's Cottage just outside Stratford for time to buy morning refreshments. This 600 year old thatched cottage is described as the most romantic in all of England. We see the famous second best bed and a courting settle which ties in very nicely with a new exhibition all about Tudor courtship.

We drive into the heart of Stratford for free time to buy lunch. Our afternoon begins at the Birthplace - a terrific visit that evokes the spirit of the times drawing our attention to small but fascinating details of life in Elizabethan times.

Our third visit is Hall's Croft - the elegant home of Shakespeare's daughter and her doctor husband.

Beautiful furniture and luxurious decoration give an insight into the life of a wealthy Jacobean family.

There is a cafe on site.

Your members can opt to take a few minutes walk to Holy Trinity church by the river to see the graves of the - Shakespeare family. You'll be ready to make tracks for home at 4.45pm.

This tour is available daily throughout the year.

Adults: £35  Seniors: £34

Available daily all year round

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

3 miles