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The Shard, The Bard, The Bishops & The Brothels

A very entertaining and gentle walking tour on London's Bankside with a top notch Blue Badge Tour Guide using the crystal clear VOX headsets and a visit to The View at The Shard. Beautifully organised on a 100% refundable group deposit of £25 with the tour payment due just two weeks before you come.

Join our top notch Blue Badge Tour Guide for a rather special day out. We meet at 10.30am to buy morning refreshments or midday on the popular Jam Buster timings for an early lunch in the famous Borough Farmers Market.

Southwark’s Bankside was the Soho of Elizabethan London. Memories of a racy past echo in the cobbled riverside lanes. A delicate rose window survives from the Palace where the Bishops lived cheek by jowl with the brothels and bear pits. In a raucous neighbourhood, the sheer scale of the depravity would make a modern sybarite blush but there were rules and the really bad

could end up in the infamous Clink.

Available Daily All Year 2020

Days run 10.30am to 4.30pm

(visit The Shard at 3.00pm) or

Jam Buster Midday to 6.30pm  

(visit The Shard at 5.00pm).

Adults & Seniors £39pp

Price Valid to 31 March 2020

We’ve added the simple to use, crystal clear, Vox Wireless Tour Guide system headsets to this new day trip. This isn't a taped commentary – it’s still a top notch City & Village Tours Blue Badge Guide talking to you live. You wear the lightweight, receiver on a lanyard and you’ll be given a set of disposable in-ear headphones similar to what you’d get on a plane. For people who use hearing aids there are special over-the-ear head phones. The sound is crystal clear so you’ll never miss a word.

Your group will enjoy a new guiding experience with the freedom to take in so much more while enjoying a more intimate conversational style of commentary.

If you started at 10.30am, or you arrived at midday on the Jam Buster timings, we'll break for lunch in the famous Farmers Market. Housed under the railway arches in the Victorian market (you'll probably recognise this from a number of films, including Bridget Jones) you can virtually eat your way around the market or settle for a market pub or cafe. There's also time for a peek inside the lesser known Southwark Cathedral.

The afternoon is dedicated to The View From The Shard. Experience breathtaking views of London 800ft above the city. Take in the 360 degree panoramic views of up to 40 miles.You'll still have your Vox sets so you can enjoy snippets of commentary from one of the best tour guides in London wherever you are up at the top - you don't have to huddle in a group to hear.

And with our built-in Weather Guarantee, if you cannot see at least three of the following five landmarks during the time of your visit, you'll receive a complimentary return ticket, allowing you to return to The View From The Shard within three months, absolutely free:

• London Eye

• 20 Fenchurch Street

• Tower Bridge

• One Canada Square

• St Paul’s Cathedral

Available Daily All Year 2019 & 2020

Days run 10.30am to 4.30pm (visit The Shard at 3.00pm) or

Jam Buster Midday to 6.30pm  (visit The Shard at 5.00pm).

£39pp including:

• top notch Blue Badge Tour Guide,

• Vox Tour Guide System

• entrance to The View from The Shard

• Weather Guarantee

Reserve with a 100% refundable £25 deposit and pay the balance just 14 days before you go.

Minimum 30 people. You Book the Coach - We Do the Rest.

This day trip has been designed for people who like to see a lot without walking too far but it wouldn't be suitable for group members using two sticks or rollators.

Booking Now on 0208 692 1133 or info@cityandvillagetours.com