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The story of Britain's favourite brands and the advertising that sold them to us. Including morning coffee, tea & cake and a visit to the quirky Museum of Brands.

Meet our Blue Badge Guide in the City at 10.30am for morning coffee (included). In mediaeval London to buy something you simply went to the street of that name - Milk Street, Wood Street, Bread Lane.

Powerful Livery Companies stamped their branding all over the city and businesses advertised their services to an illiterate population with hanging signs. As competition increased manufacturers sought to win our hearts and minds by building recognisable brands. It's a fascinating morning seeking out and decoding the visual clues all around us to see how business has sought to empty our pockets through the ages.

We stop for free time for lunch in Kensington. Grab a sandwich and you'll have time to visit the new free gallery at the Design Museum.

Supermarket archaeologist Robert Opie has spent 50 years collecting historical brands & packaging to form the Museum of Brands.

He says it's about 'bringing together the pieces of a jigsaw until you see the big picture of social change.' It's ten thousand memories in one afternoon and it's never more joyous that when you reach your our own nostalgia hot spot in the "time tunnel".

Tea & cake (included) is served to round off an entertaining day with you back on the coach and heading home at 4.45pm.

Jam Buster Option

Start at midday with time to buy lunch and finish at 6.15pm.

Includes a cuppa midway.

Adults: £36  Seniors: £34

Tuesday to Sunday all year

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

7 miles