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We visit Grantham and discover a remarkable and rare chained library and, of course, the birth place of the Iron Lady, take in wonderful panoramas on a drive across the Vale of Belvoir and end the day in Melton Mowbray. A two course with coffee is served in a handsome hotel.

Meet the Blue Badge Guide in Grantham at 10.30am for coffee and biscuits (included). Grantham has a more interesting history than many other towns that make much more of a fuss about themselves. The super little museum focuses on the town's two big names Isaac Newton and Margaret Thatcher. Explore the recreated 17th century apothecary shop where Newton lived and take a trip down memory lane in a 1979 living room on the eve of election victory. The eclectic Thatcher collection includes her lumpy childhood bed and an iconic suit worn to meet Mikhail Gorbachev.

A short walk takes us to St Wulfram's church set in a delightful cathedrallike close to enjoy the magnificent interior including the Trigge Library - three hundred books, some over 500 years old, are chained to the shelves in the UK's first public library.

We also see the shop where the grocer's daughter from Grantham grew up - so make sure you've brought your cameras! We'll be careful with the walking today and there are opportunities through the morning to sit down.

Our lunch venue began as a Knights Templar hostel on the Great North Road and in its 800 years as a hotel has welcomed at least five Kings and a Prince of Wales. A 2-course lunch with coffee is served (included in the tour fee). Menu available on request.

In the afternoon we tour the beautiful Vale of Belvoir enjoying wonderful views of the quilted countryside, hearing about the Witches of Belvoir and looking out for the fairy tale turrets and towers of the Duke of Rutland's Belvoir Castle. There's more to Melton Mowbray than pork pies. This was once the place to be seen, where Beau Brummell, King of the Dandies, gathered with his hunting chums to talk foxes and fashions and from where the expression to paint the town red came from.

Explore and find a spot to buy tea before heading home at 4.45pm.

Adults & Seniors: £36

Available Tuesday - Friday throughout the year.


Morning coffee & biscuits Grantham Museum donation

St Wulfrum's donation

2-course lunch with coffee

Day Trip prices are based on a minimum 30 people with a free place at the 40th place.

Price Valid to 31 March 2021

35 miles