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We now welcome many groups with younger retirees in their 50s but groups that first came with two decades ago are still booking with us today and they haven’t gotten any younger! So it’s increasingly important to give you the clearest idea possible of how much walking is involved with each trip. There’s no such thing as a day out with no walking at all. We have measured pretty much every step you’ll take including getting on and off the coach to go into pubs for coffee and lunch as well as any walking that forms part of the guided tour and visits. Please remember that you don’t do all the walking in one go, it is spread throughout the day with opportunities to sit down wherever possible. If there is a walking tour it is always taken at a relaxing pace and we will generally do the bulk of any walking in the morning when the legs are fresh and then balance the day with a coach tour or cruise in the afternoon.

To help visualise the distances we are using the Olympic running track. One complete circuit is 400 metres (nigh on 400 yards). So the track symbol with three inside means thrice around the track or 1200 metres. You might have some folk who choose to walk more during a day, at lunchtime for example, but the most you’d have to walk as a minimum on the day is 1200 metres. This isn’t all that far when you think about it as just popping to the corner shop for a paper might score a one on our walking chart! Four times round the track is 1600 metres/yards or approximately one mile and some trips rate a five or even a six because they are designed to be walking tours spending much of the day off the coach but remember the walking isn’t done all in one go, it is spread out through the day and there are always opportunities to sit down or rest.

The Forgotten Essex Explorer rates a 5 on our walking scale which means the equivalent of five times around the track. But don’t be put off by the higher rating - the bulk of this is the flat 10 minute walk to the chapel on the headland. Just what the doctor ordered for light exercise.

If you have folk with profound walking difficulties we’d always recommend bringing a wheelchair in the back of the coach. An individual who can get on and off a standard coach with help can tackle any of our itineraries using a wheelchair and they can take part in a group day out in comfort.

Always tell us if you are bringing a wheelchair user so that we can make any notifications that are necessary.

The coach mileage logo on each day trip shows the amount of mileage the coach will do once you have met the guide and the tour commences. You can use this as an indicator when speaking with your local coach company for a quote for one of our trips.



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